Hi!! I am Dinny Safitri...1st of all I want to say thank you to a person who create my web site, my monster, Manish Bardiyar, thank you for the great

About me

I'm the only daughter my parents have..I'm so proud to have parents like H.T.Zaenal Abidin and Hj.Nenny Sumarni...specially my proud of her... I have 2 lovely brothers...Rommy Fatria,he is a dentist who like entertainment world.

Hafidin Fajar,the youngest one, now he is in the last year of his study at STMB TELKOM Bandung...hope he can graduate his study this year..amiin... Beside as a coledge student,now he start to hv business with his friends..make spicy chips "MAUWOO"..

Now about me...truly I can't tell much about my self...I'm just ordinary girl..right now I work at the best. And pioner dermatology clinic...ERHA CLINIC INDONESIA Branch Mangga Besar,Jakarta....

I love to collect accesories....specialy unique and traditional accesories.. My acitivity is working frm monday till saturday... The things I'm not good walking..some1 said tht I'm not good enough to walk..n better to find wings n learn to fly..xixixi.. That's quote made bcz I fall a lot...thts bcz the effect of accident I I have balance disorder and vertigo...

My dream is to have my own family and my own cilinic...amiin.. I love my family... I love children...wish I hv my own :) ... but now I have Kiki, putri, aya, lovely zalfa, sheila, syahla, Kayla..and so many kids I can't mention all... I love my friends...thnks to ALLOH tht give me good BeCeEl ladies and arisan (Yoke, Puspa,Betty, Oelan, Yusyi, Elies, Beby, Achie and Yane)...

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